Reading is a crucial thing that one must learn. This skill must be learn in an early age. According to studies, children who enjoy reading perform much better in school in all subjects. Reading together with your children increases their literacy and language skills and will help you build a strong bond or relationship between them.

Here are some encouraging steps or ways on how to read with your child.

  • Let your children choose a book. By doing so, your children will feel that their opinions and wants matter and that you really care for them. Let them freely choose what genre of stories they like so that your activity will be fun and enjoyable too.
  • Find time. Make reading be a part of your everyday life. No matter how busy you might be, always spare time to read with your child. Just take a little of your time. Also see to it that when you read, the environment or surrounding is free of noise. No television, music or any noise that will lead to children’s distraction. The best suggested time to read is during bedtime.
  • Sit close with each other. When reading, ensure that you sit close enough to your children. It is better to let the child sit on your lap. This will lead to close interaction between you and your children. Moreover, it is good to also find a comfortable place for you and your children.
  • Point to the pictures and letters or words. It is good to point the pictures and words or letters using your finger. This enables the children to follow the flow of what you are reading. This step avoids confusion particularly to the children.
  • Make your voice loud. This encouraging step implies that you should make your voice clear and loud enough for the children to be able to hear you.
  • Know your limitations. This means that you should know when to stop. If you observe that the children’s attention or focus is not with you anymore or they are sleepy already, stop your reading time. It is meaningless to continue it. Just resume it the next day. It does not require to finish the story at one time. Don’t let the children feel pressured. This may result in irritation and lack of interest.
  • Read with fun and excitement in your voice. This tip is very important. This serves as the highlight of what you are doing. Reading with fun and excitement in your voice is an indication of enjoyable reading activity. This will attract the attention of the children. They will also feel excited as to what you’ll going to read.

Reading with your child is not boring at all if you know some tips or steps for effective reading. Some might think that this is difficult but if you will try to follow and apply the said encouraging steps or ways, one can attain an extraordinary experience in reading with your child. Aside from the fact that it helps the development of your child’s literacy and intellectual skills, you also have the chance to spend time and bond with them. This will lead you to have a  closer relationship with them. In addition, reading with your children enables you to experience fun and enjoyable memories that must be treasured.

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