The world is definitely a colorful place. Color is the refraction or sometimes the reflection of the spectrum of light. Colors come in different combinations and hues. Our world would have been a boring and bleak place without colors. Imagine if we only saw black and white around us or worse, if we only saw an infinite expanse of black or white or any single color. The monotony would be unbearable. We feel isolated and alone amidst the wide expanse of a single color or shade. Thus, we should be thankful to the Creator for making the world as colorful as we see it now.

Colors can affect our emotions and our view of the world and life itself. We would not be able to appreciate the bright blue sky or its deep blue reflection in the ocean; we would not be glad to see the beauty of the sunrise and sunset; and we might not know how colorful the flowers and the rainbow can be. Nature could not have this wonderful it weren’t for the colors. Looking at a magnificent place would lose its essence and the captured moment of a photograph would not be worth a thousand words. The world of the fashion industry would not be vibrant and lively if it weren’t for the different colors of patterns and designs. The same goes for the makeup and hairstyling industry. There wouldn’t be the many shades of hair color or lipstick we know of today. Our shirts would all look similar and the clothes we wear would be all of the same hue if there were no colors.

The human race wouldn’t be diverse and interesting if the color of our skins were all the same. The impact of color on our human society has gone deeper than our skins and the perception of our eyes. Colors are what shaped the different cultures and beliefs we have now. We would not have equated red as the color of blood, war and love; or white as a symbol of unity, purity and peace if we limited our perception to our senses. We have taken symbolism a step further by giving colors their universally accepted meanings. Colors have also played a role in our sanity and well-being. We would not have been keen about the differences of things around us if the colors were all the same. We would not know of the dangers and warning signs if the color of fire or an electric spark were the same as the surroundings.

Truly, there is so much we could thank God for because of the colors he gave to our world. One of the great things God gave us is the gift of sight. We would have never known in the first place how colorful and beautiful the things are around us and the world in general if it weren’t for our eyes. Because of this colorful world we live in, we have learned to appreciate the beauty of nature and God’s creations, and most importantly, we have come to accept and appreciate life in all its magnificence and color.

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